Saturday, 24 March 2018

Ferlin Husky - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

The song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" has always been one of my favourites, it manages to capture that feeling of walking around town (in this case Paris) in the dead of night, lost in a world of heartbreak watching the seedier side of life going on all around you and feeling like that is now where you belong....

The song was written in 1933 for the movie "Moulin Rouge" by Harry Warren and Al Dubin and has been recorded by many, many people (Probably the most famous being Tony Bennett) and I have managed to collect a fair few versions over the years....but this one has to be my favourite, not just because of the title track but also within the context of the whole album.

Ferlin Husky released this album in 1957 and you just know what you're getting by looking at the cover!'s a pretty bleak album and every song sits firmly within this world of heartbreak and loss, even the more sprightly songs like "Me and My Shadow" are arranged and sung in a way that pulls out the melancholy and puts it front and centre. Backed by The Jordanaires it does have a feeling of early Elvis ballads about it, but a bit more country and a lot less rock and roll in the vocal delivery...

I managed to snag a good promo copy for just a few pounds and I present it here in a new 24Bit 96KHz rip with scanned artwork. I've lightly cleaned up the recording but it's not the best produced album in the world and there's a bit of vinyl rumble but overall it'll do just fine....enjoyed best alone, at night, and with a bottle of Whisky.

Ferlin Husky - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Download the album in 24/96 FLAC here

You can listen to the title track below

As a little bonus here's the original version from the "Moulin Rouge" movie