Sunday, 26 October 2014

Tomorrow's World - Pt.2

As a follow up to this post about Tomorrow's World and the superb Johnny Dankworth theme, here's a brand new rip of the later Martin Cook and Richard Denton theme from around 1980 (it's only taken me about 2 years to get round to it!).
Easily my second favourite theme to this series, it's a great bit of electronic music and it did indeed sound like it was music from the future back then. Listening to it now it's still great (with a surprisingly hefty 4/4 beat), it's clearly influenced by Jean-Michel Jarre and has a little Star Wars style middle eight but that can be forgiven when you consider this was 1980.
I initially made a rip from the 7" vinyl release of this theme but it wasn't in the greatest of condition so ended up recording it from an LP release from 1980 of this and many other Denton/Cook themes (more info here) and to my ears this is a better quality pressing than the 7" anyway. As a bonus I've included the theme from "Hong Kong Beat" as well, it's a great little mid-tempo number with a Pink Floyd type vibe.

High res (24Bit 96KHz) FLAC and 320 MP3 Links in comments and as usual I'd love to hear your comments.


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