Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The War of the Worlds.....again......

I have a great love of books and reading (be it fiction, factual or poetry) and have just started documenting some of the more rare or interesting editions I've picked up over the years and thought I might share a few on here.

I've made no secret of my slight obsession with all things TWOTW, be it books, music, films or whatever else I can find related to this classic story from H.G. Wells. One of the forms this interest takes is that I snap up copies of the book whenever I stumble across them, mainly due to the different covers (of which there are literally hundreds). It's intriguing to see how the different cover artists have interpreted the tripod fighting machines over the years.

Having just photographed a batch of books (including TWOTW editions) I thought that would be a good place to start, so check them out below.

Click on any picture for a larger version.

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