Saturday, 17 August 2013


For those who may be interested I've created a Tumblr Blog to highlight some of my photography, it will mostly be updates from my travels and maybe the occasional "archive" shot. Most of the photographs will have been taken on either my Pentax K5, my trusty go anywhere Panasonic LX3 or even in some cases my iPhone, as they always say, the best camera is the one you have on you at the time.

You can find it here:


Monday, 5 August 2013

Call me Legion!

It's been a while but I've got a few Vinyl rips planned for uploading over the next few weeks so thanks for your patience.

When I was about 15 I borrowed a record from my local library (yes, libraries used to rent out vinyl in those days) it was a sampler from the Jive Electro label called "Disc Drive" (discogs) and had a great "Tron" style cover. I'd only heard of one of the acts on it, Tangerine Dream, but I liked those so that was good enough for me. Anyway, I loved it and a cassette copy of it was duly created and played to death. I ended up buying all the albums represented on the compilation but my favourite at the time was by Mark Shreeve (wikipedia) and the LP in question was called "Legion" (discogs)

Legion has subsequently been released on CD but back in the day there was a 12" release with three mixes on it (discogs) and as far as I"m aware these have never been released on CD. I don't think either of the first two mixes are as good as the original (and they haven't aged as well) but they're definitely worth checking out. If you haven't heard this track before then I'd suggest listening to the "Satan Mix" first as I'm sure it's just the original LP version with a new name and holds up far better than the other two versions in my opinion.

There is an MP3 rip floating around already but I've gone back to the original vinyl and produced a brand new High Res rip (with an optional MP3 version for those so inclined).

Keep an eye out for some more "Disc Drive" related rips coming soon (I'm talking to you "Willesden Dodgers" fans), I may even do a new rip of the actual compilation LP.

Links are in comments and please let me know your thoughts....

Mark Shreeve - Legion (1985 12" Jive Electro JIVE T 102)

Side A
Legion - Razor Mix

Side B
Legion - Space Mix
Legion - Satan Mix