Saturday, 24 November 2012

Magic Lantern Project - Batch #7

It's that time we have the latest batch in the Magic Lantern Project.

This batch continues much in the same theme as the last one, more exploits in climbing with the B.R.C. bunch out and about in the Peak District. There's another episode in the story of Matt Stubb's Dream and a rather nice one of the Eton Quadrangle...

As usual if you can provide any info whatsoever about any of the pictures, places or people in this project then please get in touch...

(Click on the images for larger version)

B.R.C. En Route for Stanage
Planing Sandstone at Birchover
The Canal, Speedwell Mine
Feeding a Jackdaw, Birchover
Black Rocks
Hen Cloud, Peak District
The Quadrangle, Eton College
Matt Stubb's Dream #28
Mr Foremark, Derbyshire
Kinder Downfall on Kinder Scout, Hayfield, Derbyshire
B.R.C. on Weaver Hills
Laddow, The Long Climb
Stone Quarry at Birchover
Rocks at Cromford
Black Rocks 
Black Rocks, Bellevue Traverse


Hopper said...

Great blog - scary and interesting in equal measure!
The old photographs are really very good. You probably already know, but just in case not, the photo called The Downfall is a shot of the waterfall called Kinder Downfall on Kinder Scout, Hayfield, Derbyshire.

Mark Back said...

Thanks for the kind comments Hopper and a BIG thanks for the info on the waterfall....I'm always after as much info as I can get on these images...much appreciated....

Anonymous said...

Some Black Rocks info for you. Picture 6- the route is called Fat Man's Chimney. Pictures 16 & 18 are of "The Easy Exit" to the route Promontory Traverse.

Mark Back said...

Thanks "Anonymous", appreciate the extra info...