Thursday, 5 July 2012

Magic Lantern Project - Batch #6

Well it's been a long time coming (I've moved house twice in the last few months) but here we have the next batch in the Magic Lantern Project.

This batch (and the next couple) seem to contain a lot of slides from a group calling themselves the B.R.C. They seem to be having a great time walking, climbing and caving around the Peak District. I'm pretty sure these are from the same set as some of the climbing, rambling slides in earlier batches.

There's a couple of slides of a handsome young couple out for a walk and a pint in the Scottish Borders, and a few random others.

As always, if you can provide any more info about any of these slides then I'd love to hear from you.

I've got another couple of batches photographed so hopefully you won't have to wait so long before the next batch or two appear.

(Click on the images for larger version)

Greenlaw, Berwickshire
Greenlaw, Berwickshire (Probably)
Alport Stone, Derbyshire
Hen Cloud, Peak District
Bagshawe Cavern, Peak District
Wharncliffe, Sheffield
Bakewell Church, Bakewell
Carving Stone at Birchover, Derbyshire
Gloucester Cathedral
Ely, Cambridgeshire
The Hancock Family
Overlooking Manifold Valley, Peak District
Treak Cliff, Derbyshire
B.R.C. in Beresford, Derbyshire
Roaches & Hen Cloud, Peak District