Thursday, 18 February 2010

GAS Strikes Again!! (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome)

I only sold my Fender '62 American Reissue Jaguar a couple of weeks ago (some pics here and here) but I've already fallen in love with this new release from Gibson.
The 50th Anniversary 1960 ES-335TD is a thing of absolute beauty.
This Gibson Custom Shop reissue is based on the late 1960 version of the 335 which many consider to be the best version of this iconic guitar ever made.
Looks like the Custom Shop are really pushing the boat out on this model with a choice of three finishes and with period correct hardware including a pair of PAF-style 57 Classic humbucking pickups.
I've always wanted to own a genuine Gibson 335 and this looks like the one to get....if it wasn't for one've guessed it, the price!
Prices start at $5,645 and rise to $6,115 depending on the finish.
Lots more info and pictures to be found over at the Gibson website

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