Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Great Compilation Album....

Forge Your Own Chains - Heavy Psychedelic Ballads and Dirges (1968-1974)

This has got be one of the best compilations I've listened to for a long time, I can't believe this has had such a low key release!

I've had this on more or less constant repeat for a week now and it keeps getting better. Highly Recommended.

1. Top Drawer “Song of a Sinner” 8:44
2. Sensational Saints “How Great Thou Art” 3:35
3. East of Underground “Smiling Faces Sometimes” 6:27
4. D.R. Hooker “Forge Your Own Chains” 4:45
5. Shin Jung Hyun and the Men feat. Jang Hyun “Twilight” 5:40
6. T. Zchiew and The Johnny “Let Yourself Be Free” 3:46
7. The Strangers “Two To Make A Pair” 2:52
8. Damon “Don't You Feel Me” 2:36
9. Ellison “Strawberry Rain” 5:33
10. Morly Grey “Who Can I Say You Are” 3:45
11. Shadrack Chameleon “Don't Let It Get You Down” 4:44
12. Ofege “It's Not Easy” 4:25
13. Ana Y Jaime “Nina Nana” 3:18
14. Kourosh Yaghmaei “Hajm-e Khaali” 2:42
15. Baby Grandmothers “Somebody's Calling My Name” 9:13

The compilation has been produced, annotated and researched by Egon and is released on the consistently great "Now Again" Record label.
If you act quickly the CD & LP comes with a free 7" while stocks last (well at least it does from Stones Throw online store).

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